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Fan art of Ho-oh from Pokemon.


The calligraphy says:

鳳凰: "Fenghuang" in Chinese or "Hō-ō" in Japanese, which is the name of the legendary mythological phoenix of various Asian cultures that this Pokemon is based on.


Pics 2&3 show the print version, pics 4&5 show the small metal version, and pics 6&7 show the large metal version.

The Golden Phoenix

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Print

    12”x18” textured matte paper. Ships rolled in a plastic sleeve within a sturdy cardboard tube.

    Small Metal Print

    6.625"x10.25" (standard comic book size); sublimation printed onto brushed aluminum. Ships in a bubble mailer lined with cardboard to keep it safe in transit. For more info on metal prints, please check my FAQ.

    Other Details

    • The actual print does not have the website URL watermark.
    • There is a signature embedded in the printed image. I can also hand-sign it for you, just tell me where (front or back) in the order notes!
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