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Godzilla UniVersus CCG Artwork

Updated: Jun 23

Today I am pleased to finally unveil these illustrations I did for UVS Games Godzilla Challenger Series! There are 6 exclusive paintings which are featured as special foil alt-art cards, inspired by ukiyo-e style, which may be found in the series booster packs. It was such an honor for Universus to reach out to me for this project, and they were a huge pleasure to work with. I feel so incredibly humbled to have my work officially become a part of the Godzilla legacy.

Find out more information on the official UniVersus Godzilla page. The cards can be found wherever UVS Games products are sold near you. The card decks as well as playmats featuring my artwork can be found on the official Godzilla webstore, although at the time of this writing they are mostly sold out online currently. The card versions of my art are not found in the main decks but as random draws in the booster packs - one booster pack is included per deck and also sold separately. Thanks for reading, this is a big moment in my career!

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